The World Cafe

The World Café, a bistro-style café, is strategically located across the World Trade Centre lobby in Bengaluru with a serene lake view and serves as the ideal location for professionals to get away from online conversations to real conversations.

Keeping in mind The World Café’s aspiration of featuring some of the world’s most popular single origin coffees, the Bentel design team unified both the ‘World’ and the coffee bean to create the logo. A bright yet minimalist colour palette of teal and gold chrome was chosen to go with it so as to exude a sense of bliss, modernism and festivity at the café. The objective was for the café to have a cheerful, alive and contemporary feel.

The 2,300 sq. ft space has a double height ceiling and curtain walls on two sides. The team designed an open floor plate to seat about 35 people. With the target audience primarily being professionals working and visiting the World Trade Centre, zoning was created to help provide them with required spaces, be it for an individual or a group; for work or for pleasure. Seating for professionals looking to spend some “Me Time” was also addressed.

The café branding and interiors were designed concurrently to evoke the feel of a trendsetting global café and the entire brand story flowed into the interiors, identity and its execution. A world map etching and logo of the café on the glass façade was used to create further visibility and recognition. Collaterals inside the café served to strengthen the brand with the same colours being exuded onto the interiors in furniture, fixtures, lighting and partitions.

Predominantly a work-day break destination, the cafe also engages residents in the vicinity making this a Café with an all-around appeal.

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